Meet our team – Rob O’Connor

rob oconnor

Rob has been teaching A Level Sociology at Middlesbrough College’s Sixth Form since 2010.


How did you get into teaching?

It wasn’t something that I specifically wanted to do from a young age.  I worked full-time from the age of 16 in a fairly low paid job and didn’t go back to college until I was in my 20s to do an Access programme.  It was probably during my first year at university when the idea popped into my head.  Originally I wanted to teach adults, but my first teaching position was in a sixth form college, and I loved it from day one.


What’s the favourite aspect of your role?

Fairly easy question – being in the classroom!  I enjoy teaching students about topics that I am really interested in, with the hope of arousing their curiosity and interest in it as well.  I think it’s lovely when students decide to pursue something of a similar nature at university such as an undergraduate course in Sociology or Criminology.


What are the benefits of studying Sociology at A Level?

My argument is that it is the most interesting subject, but I am rather biased!  I think it’s fascinating to learn more about the different ways that society works and addressing things that maybe you have not thought about before.  I always knew that people committed crime but I was never aware of the fact that there were so many explanations out there. Sociology is a great subject if you are interested in learning about people, and if you are nosey like me, it’s a match made in heaven!  Along with the benefits of this knowledge, it also enhances your essay writing skills, which are of enormous benefit to studying any subject at university.  There is a lot of debate within the subject as well and it’s always good to hear the views of other people as they may not be something that you have previously considered.  I suppose to sum it up; it can be an ‘eye opener’.


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Meet our team – Rob O’Connor

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