Meet our team – Andy Duggan

andy duggan.jpg

Psychology Tutor Andy Duggan has been working at Middlesbrough College’s Sixth Form for the last 4 years. After completing a degree in Natural Sciences at Lancaster University, Andy undertook school-centred training in Middlesbrough as a science teacher, having always had an interest in the profession from his parents who are both teachers.

“The best aspect of my role is seeing students develop, be that academically, such as seeing the breakthrough of a student understanding a complex theory, or pastorally, such as seeing a student increase in their own self-confidence.

“Psychology is an excellent subject to study if you would like to know more about why people behave in the ways that they do. We look at many aspects of behaviour including why we remember certain things and not others, why do people generally conform to others and what happens when children don’t form attachments with their parents. It sits well with other science subjects as well as with the social sciences and humanities. Psychology is also heavily research method based, giving you a thorough grounding for further study at university.”

Andy also oversees the sixth forms unique tutorial programme, Skills for Success. Here, students are encouraged to identify and develop key behaviours and characteristics that are needed in order to be successful in A levels and beyond. The sessions are delivered as small, seminar-style workshops alongside e-learning modules and encourage students to think about their studies, their future, their health and their place in society.

Find out more about the range of A Levels available at Middlesbrough College!

Meet our team – Andy Duggan

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